Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

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What is the purpose of this research?
Ah, someone after our own heart! The purpose of BrandEncounter is to help consumers influence popular brands, and to help those brands better understand and deliver what consumers want. Your participation in our cutting-edge research isn't just days of fun. It's also about making an impact. Imagine: what if brands could present more relevant and meaningful experiences to consumers like you? Actively participate in BrandEncounter and it just might happen!

How long will I be participating in the research?
The length of the process varies with our different research projects. Many of our BrandEncounter projects range in length from one to four weeks. First, you take your Start Survey, then during the remaining days of the research you'll send a quick text message whenever you encounter different touchpoints for certain brands. After that you'll complete the Final Survey and be able to claim your thank you gift.

How much time is required to participate?
Not much time at all. How quickly can you send short text messages? Think of BrandEncounter like a fun game that you play. You start with a 10-minute survey, then over the tracking period you tell us each time you encounter a brand we are tracking. At the end, there's another survey. Fast, easy, fun. It's like doing laundry, except not at all.

How will I be compensated?
It varies depending on the program, but generally enough to be a nice thank you gift yet not enough to buy a house (maybe a small tent). We'll tell you about any thank you gifts before you start participating, and then we'll provide instructions on how to claim your gift after you've completed the Final Survey. If you have any questions just send us an e-mail and include how you were asked to participate in BrandEncounter.

Will I be contacted after I finish participating in the research?
Only if that's what you want. For instance, many participants opt-in to follow-up research or other BrandEncounter projects.